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Bathroom Additions

Our boat is blessed with a larger than average bathroom, which is something that we appreciate, however, space is always at a premium on a narrowboat, so following the installation of our washing machine the question had to be asked; are we making the best use of our space?

The answer was probably not.

We felt that the addition of a bathroom medicine cabinet would be a welcome addition, but the only suitable wall space was that presently occupied by a large mirror installed on and filling the partition behind the hand basin.

We didn’t want to remove the mirror because it does reinforce the illusion of space.

The solution adopted was to install a full-width shelf in front of the mirror on which we installed a stainless-steel mirrored cabinet with a second shelf above to steady the cabinet.

The whole construction is spaced some 3mm away from the mirror to avoid placing any stress on it.

We are happy with the result as it has added useful shelves and cupboards while retaining the space emphasising mirrors.


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