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We now have a Pram Hood and Cratch

Some weeks ago, I wrote that we had ordered a pram hood which has since been made and fitted by Titan Canopies. 

I found Titan Canopies easy to deal with, they provided a written quotation by return that was similar to that which others were quoting verbally, together with an acceptable installation date of late May when their competitors were giving installation dates in late 2021 or one case in 2022. 

I was also attracted to Titan Canopies by their use of digital scanning equipment to obtain accurate dimensions and angles on which to base their manufacturing, it seems a better method than cutting out paper patterns on a windy mooring, although I concede that others make that work. I’m told that the information is kept on file so that in the event of any damage occurring the replacement parts can be made without the need for another survey.

I placed our order for the pram hood and paid the mandatory 50% deposit in early March by further abusing my credit card. 

In addition to covering the back of the boat, I had also wanted a cratch cover with a traditional glazed hardwood “A” frame front, but I could not find anyone able or prepared to make such a frame in a reasonable time. So, some two weeks after I ordered the pram hood the decision was taken to give the work to Titan Canopies and accept one of their modern variants. 

I was offered the opportunity of having the pram hood made in two sections, split across the width of the boat by another zip. This would allow the hood to be assembled in two parts or even to leave either the fore or aft section erected if desired. I thought that it would make dealing with a large canopy easier so opted for the modification. 

Idle Days Pram Hood Interior

Mark, their fitter came to our Marina at the end of April to fit both the pram hood and cratch, suffice to say that I am delighted with both the standard of manufacture and fitting.

Idle Days Pram Hood

Time will tell just of easy it is to both erect and stow, but in the meantime, they are certainly eliciting favourable comments from other boat owners in the marina.

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