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In an earlier blog, I wrote that Idle Days closely matched the criteria we had set for our perfect boat. In practice, it came close but unsurprisingly failed an accurate match as one would expect for a craft designed by someone else. 

Initially, we had a preference for portholes throughout the boat on the grounds of privacy and heat transfer. The fact that all the windows are double glazed reduced the heat transfer argument but not that of privacy, although we do have portholes to the bedroom and bathroom that mitigate the problem in those rooms. Contrary to the privacy issue we have both found that we enjoy the bright well-lit interior that the large windows and white ceilings provide, so we will just have to rely on the curtains and blinds to deter prying eyes and summer sunshine.

Originally we were certain that we had to have a Pullman style dinette but have now accepted the installed “L” shape layout. This was a compromise we felt we could live with until such time that I could construct a Pullman unit. However, now we have sat around the table, dismounted and reassembled it a few times, we have found it quite comfortable and therefore acceptable. Certainly, its conversion has moved from the “essential” to the “maybe one-day” category. 

My wife has decided that the freezer section of the refrigerator is too small, further she would prefer access to be at a higher level for frequent access as she suffers from constant back pain that bending aggravates. Could anything be done? Of course, it could, nothing that three sheets of marine plywood and a box of nails couldn’t fix; when mixed with a drop or two of sweat. 

We (she) also had a hankering for a high-level oven, the back issue again, but has ended up with a low-level unit that is less easy to deal with by anything short of a complete galley refit. We do have a microwave oven that will take over some of its duties so raising this above the worktop to eye-level has been of some help. I guess the assistant cook will have to tend the oven under instruction. 

We had assumed that there would be room for a small washing machine in the galley, we were wrong, there isn’t! Each and every cupboard has been cunningly constructed to be just too small to accept one. We did however find a sliver of floor space in the shower room that would house a slim top-loader. It has entailed giving up easy access to the under-gunnel cupboard. This cupboard is now reserved for long-term storage as it is only now accessible by first pulling the washing machine out of position. Not a difficult task but not one to be done frequently.

There are plenty of smaller but no less important tasks to take care of as time permits, but nothing too erroneous.  

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