Idle Days

Bobbing about on the Cut


As potential continuous cruisers we have always planned to fit out our boat with whatever accessories are available that will make life aboard as comfortable as possible, particularly during the less clement spells of weather we must expect. Those purists among you who believe that boating is only for real people will scoff and scoff you may for this old codger gave up all aspirations of being a real man sometime before his sixth birthday. 

Comfort is the standing order of the day aboard Idle Days! 

For example, we feel that our oversized cruiser deck, on which we are looking forward to idling away long sunny summers days may not be fully utilised in the depths of English winters. So, with apologies to real boaters everywhere, a pram-hood is called for to keep us, and the dog, cosy. 

It falls firmly into the bow-thruster category of essential accessory.

Having contacted four or five companies that advertise their expertise in this field with details of our requirements we received an expression of interest from only one company; that being Titan Boat Canopies

Image copyright Titan Pram Canopies Ltd

The neighbouring boat alongside which we were moored at the time sported a rather nice pram-hood, so I asked, as you do, from who was it brought and what were they like? Titan Canopies was the reply, together with the affirmation that the owner was very satisfied with their work and service. 

Good enough for me, So my credit card has been returned to its normal state of semi-meltdown and used to make a deposit to allow them to come and measure. More anon on progress with that. 

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