Idle Days

Bobbing about on the Cut

Tiller Troubles

Due to the Corvid19 restrictions, I’m able to do little more than planning the tasks that I have to resolve once the restrictions are eased enough to allow me to work on Idle Days. 

One job that I have been able to start is the replacement of the tiller arm handle, the original as supplied with the boat is a very sorry and embarrassing example of craftsmanship, as illustrated. 

The less said the better

The chrome-plated brass tube was of satisfactory quality, the problems lay at either end. 

Fortunately, the handle provided by the boat builder needed little more effort than a whistle to part it from the tube; just as well the parting happened in our kitchen rather than on the cut!

Tillermanhandles 07775 205 634

I had obtained a replacement handgrip from Mr (Tillerman) Green via eBay that was delivered very promptly and impressively packed, together with clear instructions for its fitting, which was soon accomplished. 

New handle fitted

The problem with the other end of the tube is not so easily resolved. The lack of a hole for the tiller retaining pin! Whilst it will be comparatively easy to drill the required 8mm pin-hole through one wall, how do I ensure that it will penetrate the opposite wall in the correct position? 

Find the Pin-hole

If I had access to a suitable engineering pillar drill then I could set the tube up to allow drilling straight through in one pass, but I don’t. So, I’m considering drilling one wall and then fitting the arm to the swan’s neck so that I can use the existing hole in this to provide a guide. 

Unless a better method comes to mind, this is the method I shall use when I next visit Idle Days.

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