Idle Days

Bobbing about on the Cut

Snap Decision

We first saw our boat when it was advertised on the Rugby Boats website. We just happened to tune in to YouTube to get our daily fix of narrowboat Vlogs when it floated into view as we were also subscribed to their channel. 

Idle Days photo © Rugby Boats Ltd

I mentioned earlier that we had a little list of requirements, (actually a very long list) and this craft seemed to meet a high proportion of our wants. My wife and I discussed it’s merits at great length for a couple of minutes and then did exactly what we swore we would never do, and brought it without setting foot on it!

There are only a couple of brokers whose descriptions I would trust enough to allow me to risk a deposit in such a way, and obviously Rugby Boats is one of them. I phoned Rugby Boats, spoke to James and arranged to pay the deposit immediately. We were committed to buy!

Fortunately, we live very close to Yelvertoft, and as potential live-a-boards, we were soon able to inspect our new home and judge for ourselves how accurately Jame’s had described our new craft. 

I’m pleased to say his description was very accurate, right-down to the water-stained stair riser, since replaced, that caused such excitement on-line at the time. 

We have since secured a long-term mooring and hope to be able to complete the few alterations we (my wife) requires so we can move aboard before too long. 

Covid progress and regulations permitting we hope to be cruising the cut by mid-summer. 

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