Idle Days

Bobbing about on the Cut

What’s in a Name

Quite a lot apparently, as we spent many hours discussing this subject in an effort to find a suitable title for our new boat, whether it be new or old. I say old because we were confident that our boat would be someone else’s cast-off, although that wasn’t to be as described elsewhere.

We felt that the name should be reasonably short and somehow describe us, or at least our intentions. We also felt that it should not be too common, actually uncommon being much preferred! Does that make us snobs, I hope not, but we do side with Mrs. Bucket on such matters? 

An initial choice was “Fossils” because that describes us rather accurately, aged and very much set in our ways as we are. After some reflection, my wife decided that she didn’t want to be called a fossil, can’t imagine why, but she did force a rethink. 

Being firmly retired and rather idle suggested a reclined and restful type of name, not that there is necessarily anything restful about narrow-boating, except of course those days between narrow boating. 

After much rumination, Lazy Days floated lazily to the top, but Mrs. Bucket thought it still too common and suggested Idle Days as a more refined alternative; which I gratefully accepted as it was well past my bedtime! 

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