Idle Days

Bobbing about on the Cut

Finding a New Home

When we took the decision, now over a year ago, to sell our brick pile and buy a narrowboat to live on we recognised that we would want easy access to it during the period we needed to turn it into an acceptable dwelling. We never thought that we would be able to move aboard full-time without a considerable amount of preparation, and we certainly didn’t feel able to make the transition to continuous cruising immediately. Our masterplan always was to start with a residential mooring and gradually increase the duration and distance of our cruises as our confidence grows; or possible even shrink!

The government imposed restrictions resulting from the Corvid19 pandemic has provided an unwelcome extension to that period. Never mind, we have, so far been very lucky and remained reasonably healthy and have only have had to suffer the minor inconvenience of a years incarceration. 

When we brought our Idle Days the vendor gave us permission to leave it moored in their marina at Yelvertoft, until the Pandemic restrictions were eased sufficiently to allow moving it elsewhere. 

So, since making the purchase we have been searching for mooring in an acceptable marina. Something that has not quite as easy as we thought it would be. We searched far and wide to no avail until I contacted a marina close to home, Crick Marina who invited us to inspect their facilities. Needless to say a deal has been done and we will shortly be moving our craft the one and a half miles to its new home.

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